Our Story

Paul and Alex met on OkCupid right after Alex moved to Columbus where Paul was wrapping up grad school. Alex was impressed with Paul's taste in music and intelligence. ​Paul was impressed with Alex's wit and taste in music. Yes, Alex sent the first message. And then waited another month and a half to respond to Paul’s reply. Alex then set up the first date to see a Sharon Van Etten concert…and then cancelled the first date day of. Paul was not impressed, but Alex persisted. On their actual first date at Curio in German Village, they ordered pizzas and barrel-aged drinks sharing the inability to keep food off the table while eating (among other shared interests).


In the next six months, Alex met the most important being in Paul’s life, Reggie, and made a great impression. Then, Alex met Paul’s close friends and family in Wintergreen, VA. Alex survived. Paul met many of Alex’s close friends at a wedding in Cleveland, OH. Paul survived. Our love truly grew in seeing one another’s interactions with family and friends realizing that we share similar values.


We then moved in together, survived one dog surgery, earned a tenure-track job, adopted another dog, purchased our first house, moved across the country together, and got married. And now after a very exhausting year, we are ready to party with our favorite people!